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Sunday, 12 February 2017


Once again it has been a cold, grey day. I wrapped up with extra layers when I went out to do my half hour of cutting grass so it didn't matter when the hail was bouncing off my coat. Later on there was a hint of blue in the sky as the sun tried to shine but that was for just a brief spell. I was walking around the garden with my camera when I noticed that the rill was full of matted blanket weed. I decided that wouldn't be to hard a job to clear so having donned rubber gloves I removed the algae, old leaves and weeds from the rill. There were also some frogs hiding in there so I put them in the pond to keep out of the way. Once the tadpoles hatch (if the cold hasn't killed the frogspawn) they will clear the rest of the algae that makes it down to the pond. The lower slopes of the main bank are so wet that the blanket weed is growing there as well.
Indoors I carried on with my knitting. I think I've nearly done enough to start decreasing the stitches to finish off.  I did take some measurements and knit a tension square but my hat making is on the random side, how accurate do I need to be for a hat?

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