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Monday, 20 February 2017

Low Cloud.

We were up early this morning (early for us that is) to do a final tidy up and I had already taken my car up the hill when we got the message that today's viewing had been cancelled. Maybe it is mean minded of us but the thought is there that was there a viewing at all? A friend of Peter's was an estate agent and apparently that is what they do to make you think things are still happening.
We have been shrouded in low cloud all day long. I took these photos in the middle of the day when Peter gave me a lift up the hill on his way into town. The clouds lifted enough in the afternoon for me to get out and pull up a few more weeds from the bank. Right now they have dropped again and looking through the window I can see great billows of fog being blown across the garden. Today's indoor jobs included clearing yet more papers after which I got all my knitting wool and needles packed into one box. Should I ever plan to do some wool embroidery or attempt some Kaffe Fasset designs (on a small scale only) then my collection will come in useful.
My visit to the doctor last week has got me signed off from work for the time being. My attitude of going to work however I feel proved not to be the most sensible thing to do so now I am taking the doctor's advice.

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happyone said...

Like your low hanging clouds pictures.
I hope that wasn't the case of the no show people. That just wouldn't be right!!