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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Morning Sun.

The day started off bright and sunny, perfect for Peter's gig rowing on the river. The first time I went out to take some stuff up to the compost heap I picked a few leaves off the plants by the drive and found them frozen together. My fingers were soon frozen too so I left it a while before doing a little garden work. Later on I began the job of clearing the moss from the concrete under the washing lines. I've found that my yard broom which is like a giant scrubbing brush works quite well. Working in several sessions with rest breaks (for my back) in between I've managed to get about 2/3rds done. I also straightened up the white plant markers that were leaning or even lying higgledy-piggledy on the propagation beds. All part of my plan to make the garden look tidy and well cared for. 
Patch being disgusting and eating frog spawn. I wouldn't let him back into the house after that as usually frog  spawn doesn't stay down too long.
Indoors I got another year written into my journal, did some extra housework and ended with a bit of knitting while Peter watched the rugby on the big sitting room TV. He's still watching now, it all sounds very strange to me. A silly game in my opinion, grown men crashing into each other to score points. Apart from immediate injury I'm sure they're building up trouble with arthritis in future years.
The sky clouded over later in the afternoon and icy rain began to fall bringing us back to winter once more.
PS Last night we watched most of a walk from Watersmeet to Countisbury with Julia Bradbury which showed some of the wonderful countryside which is literally on our doorstep. It was interesting to see some of the paths we have often walked. Worth a watch.

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