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Wednesday, 22 February 2017


The wild and windy weather continued on through the night and all through today. I love hearing the wind howling and whistling around the house. I did start getting wrapped up to do some outside work but then I looked through the window and realised that I'd be soaking wet long before my half an hour was up and reluctantly put away my gardening clothes. 
The oil man came to top the tank up in the afternoon. He was a new driver so we had to play musical cars in the yard to give him room to turn around. He still managed to drive over the grass verge which at least gives it a good sharp edge.
For most of the day I've been pottering around sorting a few things here and there including sorting some of the kitchen cupboards. I did some work on my journal but as I've reached 2013 I can only cope with short sessions of reading my blog for that year. I had a sort through of some more files and cleared out all our electricity and oil bills prior to 2016. Apparently there have been cases of people in remote properties having their rubbish stolen specifically for paperwork to use in creating false identities so I had a small fire in the wood burner. Much more fun than using Peter's paper shredder. As the plant holder thing was made of shells strung on fishing line I decided it would be too difficult to fix it and instead cut it apart and saved all the shells to use sometime.

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