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Sunday, 5 February 2017


It has been quite pleasant and sunny today. In past years I would have spent the day working outside in the garden but for the time being I had to content myself with a couple of half hour sessions. I managed to finish the initial sweeping of the concrete under the washing lines and cut back some of the very long grass growing over the primroses by the drive. While I was sweeping a robin sat up in the tree waiting for worms but I wasn't digging today. Down in the pond the frogs were croaking but no matter how stealthily I tried to creep up the steps they always spotted me and disappeared with much splashing. 
The daffodils by the stream are flowering brightly but it will be a while before the clumps in the rest of the garden show their yellow trumpets. 

1 comment:

happyone said...

Oh it would be so nice to see daffodils popping up. : )
We had sunshine today too.