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Friday, 10 February 2017


The sun came out for about half an hour at lunchtime but for the rest of the day it has been cold and grey. Unlike yesterday there was no frost at all but I still needed to wrap up when I went out to tidy up the long grass growing over the primroses. Before that I had tried out the patio cleaner brush on the remaining moss on the concrete under the washing lines. This is a small wire brush with a long handle like a broom which doesn't require bending my back when I use it. It was a brilliant idea apart from the fact that the wire bristles were already quite worn from cleaning between the concrete tiles last year and within minutes the brush was worn down to the plastic head. Never mind, I shall buy another next time I'm in town.
After a short but useful session outside I found myself jobs to do indoors. Most of the afternoon was taken up with removing the worn soles from my sheepskin slippers/boots and stitching on new soles cut from a pair of slippers I bought in the sales. I really thought I'd finished doing that but having been unsuccessful in finding a comfy replacement pair this repair will do until it's warm enough again for flip-flops and I can keep on searching for a new pair in the meantime.
Last night's casserole was delicious and as the fridge was rather full we put casserole on the concrete floor of the porch to keep cool. Patch worked out that there was something tasty in the porch and kept asking to go out ie. walk through the porch maybe stopping for a snack on the way (lids are no defence against our cats) but each time he was escorted through and the doors firmly closed. BTW the cats' protection people deemed us unsuitable to have a rescue cat because we don't have a cat flap. I can just imagine how many dead things would have been brought into the house. For most of the year the kitchen doors and many windows are open or cats wanting to come in sit on a window sill until we notice them. It isn't as if there aren't numerous outbuildings and barns here in the valley for the cats to go in and they always have access to the conservatory.

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happyone said...

Enjoyed seeing all your photos from the last few days. Just getting caught up with you after being gone the last few days.