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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day.

Peter almost fooled me into thinking he'd forgotten Valentine's Day (not that easy when it's plastered all over the tv) before he gave me this lovely orchid along with a card and some white Lindt d'or. We don't do anything else special but it is nice to have a little treat.
We haven't really seen the sun today, more a uniform greyness with a hint of drizzle in the air. It wasn't too cold and listening to the radio last night it turns out that once again Chivenor was the warmest place in the country at 13C / 55.4F. I'm still clearing the grass from the primroses and having pulled up some weeds that were also in there the bank is looking a bit sparse. The next time I'm in BJ's I'll get some more grass seed as you can buy it by weight there.
I also cleared a final tray of oddments that was up in the scree garden shelter. You know those odd things that could be useful one day. It was things like old window catches and brass handles. These all came from my mother's very organised DIY cupboard. It won't be until we move into our coastal (hopefully) home that I will know which things to get rid of. So much nicer, in my opinion, and ethical to re-use old or even antique fittings than buy the latest mass produced version. There was also a lovely brass bell, about 4" high, green with age which I'm sure I will use eventually.
Love has been in the air for the frogs as well. Today I tried taking photos from the bank above them but they were even quicker to disappear. I should have realised they would be attuned to the threat of predatory birds such as herons (or seagulls?)

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happyone said...

How nice of Peter. : )
Happy Valentine's Day.