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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Happy Birthday Vytas.

It's Vytas' birthday and I did the embarrassing mum thing of posting a photo from way back on FaceBook. We were at a Sealed Knott muster and he was wearing 17thC clothing so he hasn't changed that much.

Last summer he and Sally went off with friends to Lithuania so now he knows a bit more about his heritage. He also went to the States for his work and visited Yosemite.
When not working he and Sally can be found marching around the wilder parts of the country or going off to Heavy Metal gigs and festivals. 
Part of his birthday present was this crocheted 'Dragon's  Egg' (Game of Thrones) which is actually a tea cosy. Vytas is one of the few people I know who uses a tea pot and I had checked with Sally first if a tea cosy would be suitable. She thought it would be and sent me the measurements of his tea pot. I based the design on the scale stitch used in the slippers I made for Sally but then changed the shape slightly and when to do each scale. To finish off and make it more dragonny I embroidered a gold stitch at the tip of each scale.  
Today it was still fairly warm with the sun appearing for a while. I did my small amount of weeding on the bank again. It's a good thing I bought plenty of grass seed because by the time I pull out the weeds and the 'wrong' grass and clip the rest of the grass it all looks rather bare. Next door Jack was out on the big tractor mower but it will be a while before Peter starts mowing our grass.

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