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Tuesday, 7 February 2017


After a night of very heavy rain the sun was out this morning. Then just as I was about to go to work a dark cloud appeared, thunder rumbled and down came the rain which fortunately didn't last too long. There were a few more showers during the afternoon but also some bright sunshine. 
At school I did handwriting with the reception children and had yet another observation, this time of my phonics lesson. I think it went okay though I won't get the feedback until tomorrow as the teacher observing had an appointment to go to. After school I went back to the post office section of W. H. Smith's (they closed the real Post Office down) with my parcel. I had carefully taken out one small item which weighed a little over 100 gms and the postage was a reasonable £2.85. As I was in the High Street I dropped into the small Co-Op and Tesco's and got more bargains; stuffed crust pepperoni pizzas, fresh pineapple, conference pears and carrots, all at 75% or more off. When I got home Peter had also been bargain hunting when he went to pick up our prescriptions and got some cooked barbecue spare ribs. My supper tonight will be a salsa type salad with the cauliflower and other fresh veg and some spare ribs followed by fresh pineapple.
Showery weather makes for pretty clouds.

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