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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Traffic Jam.

We had rain at the start and the end of the day but in between it has been nice and sunny.  
Today I tried another approach when sneaking up on the frogs in the pond. Anyone watching would have wondered what I was doing crouching down, creeping along the middle lawn trying to hide behind some heather bushes camera in hand. I think there are about 6 or 7 frogs in the photo above taken before they spotted me. After which the only signs of the frogs were some big bubbles and widening ripples where the frogs had gone down below the surface.
Late in the afternoon I had an appointment at the doctors. On my way in the road works at the hospital traffic lights were causing major hold ups. It took a long time for the lights to change and as I made my way down the hill there was a line of stationary cars from the traffic lights back to the top of Rotary Gardens (almost a mile Peter thinks).  On my way home I made sure I came through Pilton which still got me to the same traffic lights but there were only 3 cars in front of me and we didn't have to wait too long until the man controlling the temporary lights let us through.
While I was in town I got the grass seed and a new head for my patio wire brush/broom thing. I also signed up for the 'over 60' club at B&Q which gets me 10% off on Wednesdays. As they say - every little helps.

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happyone said...

That blue sky looks so pretty.