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Thursday, 2 February 2017


Listening to the late night weather report on the radio last night,  one of the warmest places in the country had been Chivenor a few miles away at 12.5C (54.5F) and the night time temperature would drop only 1 or possibly 2 degrees. No wonder we hadn't needed the heating on yesterday. After a night of heavy rain today was a lot wilder but still not too cold.
One garden job I was able to do without too much bending was to pick off the moss growing on the corner of the bank.  
My old garden clogs, so useful for slipping on for quick trips outside to take things to the bin or the recycling box etc. are so old now that holes have worn through the soles. Wearing them outside I needed to walk on tiptoes to avoid wet socks. I intend to get a new pair whenever they appear in Lidl's as I don't wish to pay many times the price for the same thing at the garden centres. I tried a temporary repair with some gaffa (duct) tape but that didn't stick, normal foam insoles wouldn't keep the water out and then I came up with this solution. First making a paper template I cut insoles from a lino tile left over from tiling the floor in the downstairs toilet. It keeps the water out and as spring approaches I'm sure I'll find a new pair at Lidl's.
Having finally worked out how many stitches I need I made a start on my knitted hat. I'm using quite small needles to start and after all my recent crocheting with thicker wool progress seems very slow. The only advantage over crocheting is now that I've started I'll be able to knit at the same time as watching TV as it's only a simple 2 stitch rib.


happyone said...

Looks like you've gotten you moneys worth out of those garden clogs. : )
It is slow going knitting on the small needles but the tight knit will be really nice and warm.

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