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Wednesday, 8 February 2017


No rain at all today, just a mix of sun and cloud. I took all these photos on the way home this evening. 
Before my afternoon's teaching started I ran a School Council meeting with children from each of the Year 1 and 2 classes. The main purpose was to talk about Red Nose Day when the whole school will be encouraged to come to school wearing red (we'll disregard the fact that the uniform sweatshirts are burgundy) and make a donation for charity. I'd been instructed to talk to them about 'British Values' so that should Ofsted appear the children can explain what 'British Values' are. I introduced the term but good luck on that one. We did talk about helping those less fortunate than ourselves etc. and how the money raised would be used. I gave each child plain paper, pictures and information all in a polypocket so that they can make some posters over the half-term holiday which can be put up around school. They felt so important with their individual packs.
Once again it was PE in the afternoon. One of the reception children who had seen me walk across the playground and was really excited about doing PE missed out because he had a cut on his forehead from a playground accident and had to go home. Afterwards I left school quite quickly, it's half term next week so that's me done for the next 10 days. As I won't be popping in and out of town during that time I went across to Lidl's and Tesco's to stock up on the essentials such as cat food and milk. Now I can just relax.
Looking across the bay to Hartland.

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