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Friday, 3 February 2017

Unexpected Viewers.

Right now there's a bit of a storm blowing outside. I only wish it had been like that earlier in the day because I'm still waiting for an opportunity to go down to the sea when it's stormy. Earlier today it was just very wet but not windy.
I was about to go outside to see what I could photograph in the garden when I spotted a shiny new Defender Landrover come down and park just above the garden. I waited to see who it was and eventually a man came out and walked down to the house. It turned out that he and his wife had seen the property on-line and were hoping to get a look at the outside of the house as they drove by. As they were already here I offered to show them around the outside. It was raining but they took quite an interest in the garden and outbuildings and asked a lot of questions. I'm always happy to ramble on. If it isn't really what they are looking for then we haven't had to rush around doing the 'indoor tidy/hide things away' and if they do come to look around with the estate agent then that's surely a sign they're still interested. Peter says he's seen a couple of other vehicles pull up for a quick look from the road.
Walking around the garden there were more signs of frogs in the pond including a big clump of frogspawn that has appeared since yesterday. 
One of my indoor jobs has been to finally get one year's annotated, collated blog notes written into my journal. First I had to practice my elvish-style font using a narrow green italic pen. It's hard to be consistent remembering which way to squiggle the long parts of the letters. I also add extra flourishes which are quite random and more like tiny doodles. Then it gets a bit messy when I realise I've missed something out from a section and either squeeze it in sometimes sideways or draw arrows to show where it was meant to go.

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happyone said...

Hope they came back for a look inside!!