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Sunday, 19 February 2017


A fine rain has been falling all day and now the clouds are so low I can hardly see the trees in the next door field. That put paid to my plans to wash the conservatory windows. Instead I sat at the kitchen table brushing the fleece of a long dressing gown I had washed yesterday. I also did some mending then got rid of some energy by splitting some cut down planks for kindling. There is something very basic about wielding an axe even if I was kneeling on the thick sitting room carpet. After that I cleaned up the stone hearth first sweeping while trying not to raise any dust. Then a thorough going over with the hoover finished the job off. 
Peter went off for some rowing this morning and there met somebody who had been to see the house but bought somewhere else. Peter had told him about the gig club as he's always encouraging people to join and there he was. 
The top half of my dwarf umbrella tree.

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