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Thursday, 16 March 2017


I've got the same problem again with uploading my photos, or rather not being able to upload them. Peter says he'll phone BT in the morning but we do get the most dreadful service from them. Which, the consumer organisation is organising a mass complaint to Oftel about BT and we were only too happy to submit our complaint about our slow broadband for which we pay the same or more than other BT customers who get far better speeds. I'll keep on trying this evening or even add photos tomorrow if I get lucky.
Today we've been in the clouds, grey with a continuous drizzle and occasional rain. We drove down to collect my car from the garage. It now has a brand new starter motor so it shouldn't give me any more starting problems. No doubt there will be some repairs to do as time goes on but that is only to be expected with older cars.
Driving in to town the way was brightened by swathes of daffodils planted along the road by local residents. Shirwell village has an impressive planting of daffodils along the main road and many farmers have planted clumps at their farm entrances. We still have clumps in the hedgerows going up to the road which I think were planted by the farmer who farmed this valley and our stand of daffodils were a present from Ron Fry the farmer who has the fields behind us. The line of single daffodils planted by the ponies' fence brings a smile to my face each time I drive past.
I didn't mind too much about the wet keeping me indoors because my back hasn't been too good today. Instead I worked on my journal, played the guitar (Greensleeves is now recognisable) and did my exercises.

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happyone said...

The flowers are lovely.