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Monday, 20 March 2017

Wet Morning.

This morning it felt as if the rain would never stop then suddenly at about lunchtime it did. There was even a little sun trying to break through. That gave me the chance to do a bit more of the never-ending moss clearing accompanied by the cawing of the rooks and the cooing of a wood pigeon.
In the morning I had a long session trying to get to grips with my guitar. I thought that having large hands would be an advantage, a better reach with my long fingers. However fat fingers are not so helpful. While I've been racing on with playing single notes when it comes to playing chords, okay the first proper chord that involves more than one finger, I'm finding it difficult to not touch the other strings. I reasoned that plenty of men, who generally have larger hands, play the guitar well so I sought some on-line advice. This seems to be a common problem and what I found was quite helpful. I shortened the nails on my left hand even more and am working on arching my fingers properly even when I'm only playing single notes. I have to say the tip of my middle finger is still tingling but I suppose no pain, no gain as they say.
Right now we're waiting for a plasterer to come and give an estimate for going over the nasty textured walls in two of the upstairs corridors. Having them smoothed over should make the place look a lot better especially as we'll put new carpet down as well.


Mary Siler said...

Hi Ruta, I wanted you to know that my dear Dad (Ron Fry) passed away on March 1st, I'm here taking care of Mum now. The daffodils in your pictures look like the ones we have here and decorated the (funeral) church with...are they from bulbs Dad gave you? He loved his daffodils...

happyone said...

Glad the rain stopped and you got to see some sun.
Happy Spring to you.

Ruta M. said...

Hi Mary,
We are so sorry to hear about your dad, he was a lovely man with wonderful faith but it is always sad when the time comes for loved ones to leave this world. We only found out last week-end when Rosemary Baxter phoned. Yes, the lovely daffodils trying to stand up in the rain were from a big sack of bulbs Ron brought over when we first moved in. Daffodils are so cheery at this time of year when we're still waiting for the trees to come into leaf. How is your mum? It must be hard for her. Are you staying long? Do drop over any afternoon if you feel like it (I know how many things need to be done at these times). I'm currently not at work while my back/knee get sorted out. Love to all your family, Ruta x