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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Car Troubles.

It's been a cold, wet, grey day. It's either been raining properly or that fine drizzle you get when the clouds descend to ground level.
It wasn't good news for my car yesterday. Yes, the exhaust pipe is a bit loose but the clattering noise was coming from one of the cv joints (something vital underneath I believe).  It could be replaced but with high odds of the other one needing replacement soon plus the general rust and aging of the car brought us to one conclusion- off to the scrap man it must go. Fortunately Alec has a replacement for me, a Fiesta which will be ready at the beginning of next week. Peter has seen it but all I know is that it is blue and has power steering. Most probably it has a radio that works too though I quite like driving without any chatter or music. A bit annoying that I had the Pug's brakes shoes replaced last week but Alec has knocked quite a bit off his forecourt price. Also we'll swap batteries  as it's only recently that I had an expensive heavy duty battery put in the Pug.
That wasn't the end of our car troubles. In the afternoon I got a call from Peter, there was a problem with one of the springs? in his car and it won't be ready until tomorrow. I had to jump in my car, which is still driveable and pick him up from town driving through a flooded section of road on my way.
After having his ears syringed at the surgery Peter had gone over to Lidl's and got me a new pair of garden clogs. They are not as roomy as the old pair but will be fine for taking things to the recycling box or the compost heap.

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happyone said...

Looks like a new pair of clogs were certainly needed. : )
Sorry to hear about your car trouble.
I think you're right about the fitbit. I wore it and had my striiv in my pocket and they were off quite a bit and I know my striiv is accurate.
Glad I'll be able to take the fitbit back!!