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Monday, 6 March 2017


The wind died down today but the rain remained. Sometimes light, sometimes heavy. Fortunately when I set off for town there was a brief dry spell which lasted just long enough for me to pick up the wheelie bin which had blown over again and put out the recycling box. By the time I got home the cold winds had picked up and if the box wasn't covered by wire netting I'm sure the recycling would have been spread all over the place.
This morning I went through some more files throwing out stuff we no longer need. I was stumped when it came to one instruction manual for something to do with the tv system. Even after peering at the Sky box and the DVD player I couldn't tell if we still had that particular item. Peter had a look and he didn't think so but just to make sure we're keeping that manual. Incidentally listening to a radio program about the possibility of hackers getting information via interactive fridges or security systems the average UK household has 17 devices communicating with the internet. Hmm, we've got 3- 2 pc's and Peter's phone. Our broadband is so slow there was no point in linking our smart TV's. There's a British Gas advert on tv  offering an app that lets you turn on your central heating through your phone. I can think of better ways to spend £100 a year thank you and central heating systems come with timers anyway.
My trip to town was to see my GP. It was just to check in with her after the injection into my knee and to show her the chart, of my own devising, which shows my knee and back pain, intensity and time of day and anything else that's relevant. I thought it would be better than simply saying it's better/worse etc. and maybe it would show up any trends or links to other factors. I have to admit I would get fed up with my mother detailing all her symptoms of all her various ailments but now I reached this stage in life I realise how much impact they can have on your life. Sorry, Mother.

I'm having trouble once more loading photos (I got some good evening ones) but shall keep trying or put them on tomorrow.

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