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Wednesday, 29 March 2017


It's been a grey day today with the weather moving between almost raining, raining a little and raining a lot. I had to go into town in the afternoon but as my knee was sore I decided to drive up to the Post Office in Sticklepath rather than walk across the bridge and go to the Post Office at the back of Smith's. Now that I think of it I don't know of any other local Post Offices and even the one up at Sticklepath is at the back of a small Co-Op. At least there you can park right in front of the Post Office.
That done I drove down the hill and did some shopping in Lidl's and some more in Tesco's. One of the reasons I went to Tesco's was to look for a sports crop top which would be suitable to wear at my physiotherapy sessions. At the moment I simply hitch up my vest top so Tim can observe my back. There wasn't much choice in Tesco's and the two I tried on were no good. Not to be beaten I called in at Sports Direct where I found a couple more possibles. Now I'm not very up to date with fashion, maybe because I didn't have daughters, but when a few years ago I started trying on all in one elasticated bras to wear at home (much more comfortable but not enough support for work), I didn't realise it is easier to step into them rather than try and pull them on over my head. (I worked it out eventually.) One of the two tops I tried at Sports Direct was easy to step into but the other one wasn't. I had a go at pulling it on over my head but when I finally yanked it into place I realised it wasn't for me anyway. Then came the difficulty of getting out of the top. It took some wriggling and contorting to extricate myself but imagine the embarrassment if I had been stuck and needed to call out for assistance. Especially as most of the shop assistants were young lads, oh the mortification that would have ensued on both sides!
My final stop of the afternoon, indeed the main reason I went into town, was to call in at the carpet place to arrange a time for the carpet to be fitted and to pay the deposit. The earliest they could do it was the 25th of April but at least that gives plenty of time to get the corridor walls and ceiling painted.

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