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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Getting Colder.

The plasterers did arrive last night after having got themselves hopelessly lost so Peter had to go out and find them. I gave them mugs of tea when they arrived and we all chatted for quite a long time. The talk of mutual acquaintances / work places helped establish us as sort -of local and resulted in a much better quote for the job than if we had been outsiders. Not only that but they are going to do the job this week-end. We have to buy the materials, do some preparation and lay down dust sheets but that's no problem. I've already ordered the plaster from Wickes which have free delivery so I don't have to worry about lifting heavy sacks in my car and Peter will get the other stuff. We really think that tidying up those walls will make a great difference when people view the place because let's face it, we thought it was horrible when we moved in 23 years ago. 
It's been a day of contrasts, in the morning at one moment I would look through the window and see nothing but blue sky then suddenly down would come heavy rain from dark grey skies. I took the photos (above and below) in the afternoon on my way home from town.
I was out for the middle part of the day with my first stop being the hospital for another appointment with the physiotherapist. He seems pleased with my progress and has made one of my exercises harder and given me another inner core strengthening exercise to add to the ones I already do.
After my appointment I carried on and did some shopping at Lidl's and Tesco's as well as going to the library and the bank. All the time I was in town I was looking for some rubber floor mats for the car because my boots are often muddy and having something I can take out and hose down is handy. I didn't find anything in the High Street and I didn't want to spend £20 in Halfords for a full set when I only needed them for the front seats.  I struck lucky in Tesco's as when I checked out their small car stuff section they had the mats I wanted at £2 each. Now I can splash out on the black furry seat covers I had my eye on. My poor little car is looking a bit muddy at the moment because I misjudged both the depth of a flood across the road and the speed I was going. The resulting bow wave splashed mud up to the roof on one side of the car. I made sure I drove much more slowly on the way back through the same flood.
On my way home I stopped at the carpet place that put in the carpet in the sitting room and up the stairs and booked them to come and measure up the upstairs corridors and Peter's study.
I was just relaxing with a cup of coffee after all my travels when down came not rain but hail. That was enough of a reason to put the central heating on. We've since had a shower of sleet and the outside air is very cold.  

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