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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Grass Seed Sown.

The sun hid behind the clouds today but it remained quite warm. I was about to go for a stroll up to the road while Peter watched the rugby (similar to American football without the protective gear) but it began to rain. Only lightly but it looked as if it might pour at any moment. Instead I sat in the kitchen and re-knitted my hat which is nearly done.
I finally finished weeding the primrose bank today (all the brownish, bare area). It's taken such a long time that the smallest weeds and those whose roots I hadn't pulled out had grown new leaves and I was able to get rid of those. I sprinkled plenty of grass seed and  hopefully that should be it for this season.
As is probably obvious I'm not really into watching sport but what I do enjoy are programs that involve people using their creative as well as technical skills. My current favourite is The Great Pottery Throwdown. where amateur potters compete for a title. Each week they use different techniques to create a main piece as well as having several skills tests. While I can't throw a pot on a wheel everything is very familiar to me as I was brought up amongst and by artists and spent a lot of time in pottery workshops. I still have a clay horse or at least it's body (don't know what happened to the legs) I made which we pit-fired and a couple of other things I made when I was young. The program is filmed at the Middleport Pottery in Stoke on Trent, the home of the British Pottery industry and also the home of Romas (Stoke not the pottery). They often show views of the traditional pottery with it's bottle kiln and the surrounding area which I like to see especially as Romas worked for some time at the next door pottery.

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