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Monday, 27 March 2017


It's been one of those perfect spring days that drives away the memories of the dismal greyness we so often have and makes you believe that summer is just around the corner. There was enough of a breeze to finish drying the dust sheets and I also got one load of bedding out on the line. 
I woke up very early and saw a stag in the field next door, perhaps my later rising is why I haven't seen many deer this year. It was so early that I went back to sleep for another couple of hours -bliss. Then I escaped out into the sun for the rest of the day. I gave the garden table and chairs a wipe over, had my breakfast outside and spent the morning reading in the sun. Later on I made a start on cutting back the santolina bushes after which I needed another rest, this time in the sun lounger by the conservatory. The only slight drawback to spending the day outside was the whiff of muck spreading coming from the fields up on the hill but you get used to that living in the country.
The inside of the house smells of damp plaster as the plaster upstairs starts to dry out. That smell takes me back to the times I spent in art school where my mother did bronze casting. (Plaster is used to make the moulds in the lost wax bronze casting process).
Finally, I have made myself a tool so that I can weed without having to bend down. I do have a hoe but the small table fork is just right for pulling out the small weeds that are beginning to appear.

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