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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Stag Sightings.

At first it seemed as if today's weather was going to be a repeat of yesterday's but then the temperature shot up as the wind blew from the south and the sun tried hard to break through the gloomy greyness. 
I planned to have a restful day after yesterday's gallivanting around but I couldn't resist going out and repotting the last two of my acers. Last week Peter had gone to BJ's and used the last of my birthday vouchers (from work) to buy two more of the fancy grey plastic plant pots. Along with many of the trees and shrubs around the place the acers are putting out their buds ready for new leaves to appear.
I was working at my PC when looking out of the window I saw a stag casually walking across the garden. I grabbed my camera and tried to sneak out of the front door but he saw me and disappeared back up the stream. The only photo I got then was of the stag almost hidden in the bushes. However a couple of hours later he reappeared walking across the garden before sauntering up the drive. This time I managed to capture some better shots and I like this one with the Stags estate agent's board.

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