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Sunday, 19 March 2017


The weather has been much the same as yesterday, very windy with low clouds being blown across the garden.  Once again I wrapped up and did a little moss raking of the grass by the paved area. Same old jobs indoors, still not made it to the 6th string of my guitar and sorted out some odds and ends that had ended up in one of the kitchen cupboards. Some things were re-homed in the correct places; a card of tiny round batteries are now with the rest of the batteries, two long thin bulbs (for the outside lights?) are now in the bulb box and a spare blade for a Stanley knife is in an envelope with the Stanley knife but other things have finally been thrown out including SK cards from 1993 and a couple of spare nit combs. None of us ever got nits, they're not uncommon in school age children, but sometimes I would panic and buy a bottle of lotion when children in my class had nits. That was before I bought one of those handy electric combs that zaps as you comb. There's also my sonic toothbrush. I found a YouTube video on how to replace the re-chargeable battery and sent off for a battery from The States which involved quite high postage only to find out, when I presented toothbrush and battery to Peter, that you need two batteries. As there is soldering to be done I don't even know if the repair is feasible. Maybe I should just cut my losses now and stick with the ordinary electric toothbrush I use at the moment. I didn't quite sort everything and I have to admit to putting a few small things in a container hidden away in a drawer. Not the most exciting of days.

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