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Friday, 3 March 2017


Peter was about to drive my car to the garage (the hand brake was sticking occasionally) when we heard the geese honking in the garden. A pair of geese were wandering around the scree garden bobbing their heads at each other and making a lot of noise. I don't encourage them as they leave too much mess so once I'd taken some stationary shots I moved towards them so that they flew off to the lake. If I'd been thinking I would have used the action setting on my camera to take a series of shots but I did get a couple of blurry flight photos. 
The day has been grey and slightly damp with a light drizzle sometimes turning a bit heavier. I did get a chance to do some more weeding on the primrose bank. Now that I'm weeding the top area I can sit on my foam mat while I work. Indoors I worked on my journal and I've nearly mastered the 4th string on my guitar. Mixing chords and single notes is still tricky though. 
Peter has just returned home and my car needed new brake shoes and a new brake cable which all came to over £100.

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