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Friday, 24 March 2017


Last night the winds roared around the house (gale force 8 out at sea according to the shipping forecast) and it's been windy today as well. There was a lot of sunshine too, clouds came over in the middle of the day but they soon blew away giving us a beautiful afternoon.  I got all the rest of my dust sheets (the ones that used to be sheets) out on the line to blow out any dust before using them. I've finally  got the upstairs corridor protected with dust sheets over the doors as well. The new stair and hall carpet which will be walked over have got extra attention as I really wouldn't want any mess on them. I used up the old heavy plastic tablecloths (like oil cloth) for that job. I had been loathe to throw them away so each time I bought a new table cloth I kept the old ones underneath and now they are proving invaluable.
I finished off the last bit of moss raking and liberally applied the 'speedy lawn' grass seed I bought in BJ's. I keep looking at the seed I sprinkled on the bank but not surprisingly with this cold weather there's no sign of germination yet. Last week's warmth encouraged many of the early flowers to start blooming.
We're off to bed early tonight as the plasterers should be here at 8.00 tomorrow morning. Once they start I won't be able to get into our bedroom so I better make sure that I take out anything I need for during the day.


happyone said...

The blooms are beautiful.
We had sunshine today too. My daffodils have just popped up out of the dirt in the front garden. : )

Harriet said...

Lovely photos, Ruta, best wishes for your project today (Saturday). I, too, save plastic table cloths and they have come in handy.