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Sunday, 5 March 2017


A storm has been blowing all day long with the wind roaring through the trees and whistling around the house. There were a few bright spells in the morning but by the time I was planning to wrap up for a little weeding the rain and then the hail arrived. There was a burst of glorious sunshine in the late afternoon but it was only for about 10 minutes.
Being stuck indoors I thought that I might as well have a sort through of my jewellery making basket. That was mainly prompted by the fact that it was filled to overflowing and I couldn't fit another packet or box into the basket. I decided to work on the floor as this gave me plenty of room to spread everything out and I wouldn't have beads rolling off the table which would probably have happened if I'd sat at the kitchen table. The only thing I forgot to factor in was that sitting/kneeling on the floor was bad for my back and my knee something Peter mentioned when he came in. At least now I have more of an idea of what's there and most though not all of the beads are sorted into little bags or containers. I also found a double stranded necklace of what might be garnets. That's gone into my handbag so that the next time I'm in the High Street I can drop into a jewellers for a professional opinion.

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happyone said...

Not very pleasant weather to be out in!
I seem to do a lot of things like that sitting on the floor. : )