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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mostly Dry.

The day started off bright and sunny but all too soon grey clouds began to loom. It began to look as if it would rain at any moment but apart from one brief shower it has stayed dry.
I'm slowly getting the place straight after Saturday's plastering. Today I wiped off the drips and smudges of plaster that had got onto the woodwork and the window so the corridor looks a bit better. This afternoon the man from the carpet firm came to measure up the corridor and Peter's study. If the new carpet comes in a 5m width there will be enough to cut out a rectangle for the room and leave an L-shape for the corridor. I'm going in to the carpet place tomorrow to pay the deposit and book a date for the carpet to be laid. I'll take in a piece from the left over pieces of the sitting room carpet to make sure I get the same carpet or a good match.
I've always thought this wild flower growing just beyond the garden, was borage but a quick check in my wild flower book shows that it is in fact Green Alkanet aka Bugloss. The book also says its roots can be used to make the red dye which Egyptian women used on their hair and nails. It's supposed to be a troublesome weed but I've only ever seen a couple of plants growing in the wild corner of my neighbour's field. I just like the blue colour, which is more intense than in the photo.

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