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Thursday, 9 March 2017


A lovely spring day today with lots of sunshine. Perfect conditions for a viewing in the afternoon. To add to the ambiance I had logs burning in the woodburner. Although the people liked the place I don't think it's a sale. Dave the estate agent was able to give Peter a lift in to town to pick up his car so I'm sitting here in a beautifully tidy and quiet house. 
I haven't done much else today apart from the extra tidying, putting things away and then taking them back out again.  And of course the exercises the physiotherapist gave me.
The first batch of tadpoles have hatched in the little pond. Luckily the cats are not interested in eating tadpoles, only frogspawn. 

1 comment:

happyone said...

Pretty yellow flower and glad you had a nice sunny day.
There are tadpoles in the little pond at HT too.
No sale but at least you got the house tidied up. : )