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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.

The virtually unceasing rain and an aching knee put paid to any plans to do even a small amount of gardening today. Instead I decided to clean every mirror in the house. I love mirrors, not because I wish to look at myself frequently but  because of the way they bring light and views into a room and create a sense of space. I like mirrors so much that every room of the house, apart from the conservatory and the back room which holds tools, coats and the freezer, has at least one mirror. As I worked my way through the rooms with a bucket of soapy water and crumpled newspaper I also wiped any woodwork and any pictures on the walls. I could have been tempted to clean the windows too but that is such a major job I decided not to do any today. I know that having clean mirrors is not going to sway somebody into buying the house but I think the way you present your home indicates how well you keep up with general maintenance.
I also got around to cleaning this little chair, a job which has been on my to-do list for a very long time. I copied the cockerel from an illustration in a children's book onto an old child's chair when Vytas was toddler. Many years later one of the boys got careless during one of their own painting sessions and left the chair in a sorry state. I don't know why but I thought that nail polish remover (acetone) might do the job and sure enough it did. I'd painted a coat of varnish over the picture and luckily careful application of the acetone with cotton buds and paper towels restored the chair to a much better condition.  
 Roll on better weather.

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happyone said...

You did a fine job on the chair. I like it a lot. : )
Mirrors and just realized the only ones we have are in bathrooms and I have a full length one in the bedroom, that's it.