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Friday, 24 May 2019

Sunny at Times.

Today has been partly sunny, partly cloudy and windy throughout. We had two phones calls today giving us the good news that the chap from yesterday's viewing is coming for a second viewing tomorrow and the other from our builder in Borth letting us know that the insides of the external walls are in a poor state and will need to removed before the extra insulation goes on. Although the builder appears trustworthy and is sending photos this is where it helps having another person keeping an eye on things for us. We've been expecting to find more things that need fixing as the builders get to work so we're not in a panic.
I was going to walk into town today but then decided that as the only thing I needed to do was to take a bag of things to the charity shop I wouldn't bother. Peter was going in anyway so I got him to take the bag to the shop. There were a few mutterings of 'Are you sure they want this stuff?' but he eventually took it with him.
Apart from my usual routine, and I even got my music practice in which sometimes gets left out, I simply pottered about or searched for things on the internet. Quite a relaxing day.

1 comment:

happyone said...

A second look is a good thing.
The man that looked at our house the other day is bringing his wife around next week.
Here's hoping we both get a sale!!! :)