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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Good Day.

It's been a day of niceness. In other words lots of nice things have happened today. In chronological order they were ......
.... waking up early when Peter got up for work so that I had time to do some jobs then jump back into bed with a coffee and watch tv for a bit.
 ..... discovering another wood mouse caught in the trap under the kitchen sink. This trap has a one-way flap/door that you can't lock so here the mouse is sitting on the door, inside a bucket prior to being driven to a release site. It must have been stuck in the trap for quite a while because it had made a start of nibbling its way to freedom.
........ the mouse was released on my way to meet up with some friends for coffee and chat at the garden centre. Only 4 of us this time but they are all friends that no longer work at my school so there was lots to catch up on.
 ....... meeting the postman at the top of the drive and being handed a parcel containing my new dress. It is even nicer than I thought and though it looks slim it fits perfectly. It is more my style of dress and I'll wear it for the evening part of the wedding. So that's me sorted as I can get out the sandals I wear once a year for the staff Christmas do.
 ........ and finally, best of all, Romas arrived for a short stay driven down by a friend. They've already split some logs for us and been fed a hearty pasta bake. I've just dropped them off at the pub so that Josh can experience a real country pub. I'll pick them up again in a couple of hours.

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Happyone said...

Nice to have days like that. : )
Your dress is beautiful. You'll look great in it!!