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Monday, 23 February 2015

Hail and Sleet.

We've had a few brief sunny spells but for most of the day it has been wintry with hail and sleet showers. Not a day for outside work so I spent the morning doing housework and a little mending. The other day I had found Squeaky in a spare room happily asleep on top of the pile of duvets. Unfortunately she had settled down on the one feather filled duvet and had managed to catch the duvet with her claw ripping a long tear. So when I saw her she was curled up in a  pile of feathers. I didn't want to spread the feathers further so today I fixed it in situ sewing up the tear and then adding a large patch. I did the job properly first hemming and pressing the patch which reminded me of a sewing exam at school when I was 11. We had to hem a corner mitering the fabric for a neater finish. We were given heavy binca  (that square fabric with big holes) to use. I got frustrated and simply chopped off the corner instead of folding it and failed that exam. 
The little pond has filled right up after all the rain but I think a lot of the frogspawn was above the surface level earlier and got frozen. Somehow the ground water is getting into our septic tank system so yesterday Peter had to run a little pump to empty out the rain water. When I got home from work today I undid a couple of the drain inspection hatches in the paving to see if I could spot where the water is getting in. No luck with that but under one hatch there were about a dozen small frogs. I had gloves on but still didn't fancy making a grab for them so I was only able to scoop out about 6 with a trowel before the others disappeared down the drain. 
Music today with the reception children was fun though my back is a bit sore from trying to get them to join in with Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. I did explain to them that I'm too old to bend too much but some of the children are reluctant to move unless they see me demonstrating. I'm using a music CD called High Low Dolly Pepper which has lots of fun songs and stories. The only problem is getting some of the tunes stuck in my head.

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