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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Afternoon Sun.

I've been teaching all day so I'm not too sure when the day changed from overcast to sunny but I had a pleasant drive home in the emerging sunshine.
Over to the east I could see the edge of the cloud bank which was once more making its way back here. 
It looked gloomy and grey under the cloud but even that short burst of sun cheered me up. Also I'm in holiday mode. There is one more day of school before the half-term holiday but as I'm not teaching tomorrow I've got a whole 10 days off. I've got 2 projects in mind, one indoors and one outside and if I get either of them done I'll be happy. Both done would be even better. 
When I got home I  baked some chocolate muffins for Peter to take to work tomorrow. Finishing them off with some white chocolate makes them look even tastier, in my eyes anyway.


Harriet said...

It's very cold here in Michigan, I just finished a hot cup of tea and a cookie. However, your chocolate w/white drizzle looks very tasty.

Happyone said...

Yummy they sure look good.
Love the gate photos.
10 days off!! Enjoy them. : )