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Wednesday, 11 February 2015


There were mouse signs all around the kitchen sink this morning. Obviously Squeaky considers herself retired from pest control duties as she spend the night in the kitchen by the warm rayburn. I was considering letting the other 2 cats who are proven hunters, spend the night in the kitchen when I checked the mouse trap under the sink. And there he/she was, an inquisitive wood mouse who has moved in for the winter. I took the mouse with me when I left for work and released it a couple of miles away. I've replaced the trap under the sink in case there are more mice around. (I took more photos but the camera and my pc seem to have had a bit of an argument.) I had a good wipe around all the kitchen with bleach and hot water because mice are not the cleanest of visitors.
Weather-wise it has been another grey clammy day. My first outdoor job was to break up more of the brushwood for kindling which we were running a bit short of. Then it was back up the hill for grass and weed clearing on the highest bank. Usually I'm quite content to listen to the singing birds and other country sounds, I heard a wood pigeon cooing the other day, but today I took my Walkman outside so I could have a good sing along to LOTR. Normally I have the earphones in late at night when I'm trying to block out the sound of Peter's snoring as I'm trying to read. But even though he could be snoring as loud as a (insert any loud noise here), the minute I warble along with the music, however quietly, he complains about the noise. So today I was able to warble and sing to my heart's content out in the garden.
I was in school for the afternoon which was followed by a long and intense staff meeting. After that I popped down to the Co-Op and managed to get a few bargains; olives, new potatoes, packets of wraps, spring onions, low fat yoghurts and a few other things.
When I got home the first of 2 pairs of Ugg boots which I had bought on Sunday had arrived. Today's delivery was a pair of short brown men's boots and they do fit. I'm also waiting for a long pair brown women's boots in the next size up to the ones I originally bought. Both those pairs only cost £10 each plus the postage. Once I know for certain the size I need I can then spend out more on a short black pair for school.

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Happyone said...

Oh glad to hear that these boots fit. : )
I've noticed that when we get one mouse there is usually another one around.