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Friday, 20 February 2015


It looked as though we were going to have rain at any moment this morning but much later in the afternoon it brightened up and there was some blue in the sky. I went into town first thing to meet a friend for a long chat over coffee and cheesecake at Lindsay's. A very pleasant start to the day.
Afterwards, as I had paid for all day parking, I had a gentle meander in and out of the shops. I managed to get a couple of things in charity shops; a pair of walking sandals (Oxfam) and this bluey long scarf thingy (Cancer Research) to wear with my floral dress in case it's a bit chilly at the wedding. I also got a top for work in Primark. Now that Romas has taken what he wants from our collection of 'stuff' I can get rid of the rest to the charity shops. Today a  couple of boxes went to the Rotary club shop, Shoes, PS2, games that sort of thing. I also took a bag of printer ink cartridges to the RSPCA as they get a bit of money for recycling them.
Later on I got out the secateurs and gave the santolina bushes their yearly trim. That's another job out of the way. 

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