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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Very Wet.

Last night after I brought the boys from the local pub we stood outside and marveled at the night sky something they don't get to see from their homes in a very built up part of the country. It wasn't as clear as the night before but Romas was still able to point out a number of constellations and Josh was most impressed. Then we went inside to the warmth of the wood fire and chatted for a while. When I went to bed I felt so content to have at least one son back under my roof.  I felt like a mother hen as she gathers her chicks under her.
Unfortunately they had to leave this afternoon but before that we took Josh down to view the sea as he hasn't been in this part of the country before and where they live is about as far from the sea as you can get. We went hoping that the pouring rain might ease up and sure enough it did. We stopped at Mortehoe and went for a walk around the point. The downpour did return so we were thankful for our waterproofs (I had over-trousers on as well) which kept the worst of the rain off and Josh had a chance to enjoy the wild clifftop scenery. (I didn't take my camera because it was far too wet.) At home I got Romas to go through a whole load of stuff some of which he has taken back with him and the rest I can give to the charity shops. I'm not too far off having all the spare rooms clear of anything except essential furniture and my overflow wardrobe. After a hearty lunch they set off for Stoke and hopefully it won't be so long before we get another visit. 
I didn't have too long to feel sad at saying goodbye before the tanker man came to empty our supposedly self-maintaining septic tank (too much ground water gets in during heavy rain) and  to relieve me of £160. Part of the added costs of living in the country. 
It's raining heavily once more and my knee is complaining about marching about on the cliffs so I shall take it easy for the rest of the day. 

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Happyone said...

No clear sky here. More of the white stuff yet again today.