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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wet and Warm.

It has warmed right up today, 12 C according to the TV and only due to go down to 9 C tonight. The clouds were down low as I drove to work at mid-day. 
The pump people for our septic unit came down this morning. It was only cleaned out last week but all the ground water from the recent heavy rain had filled it 3/4 up again. Once they had pumped out the clean water we could see that the ground water was getting in where the drain was connected to the original man-hole. At least that is right next to the tank and not underneath any of the paved area. We will have to have that hole dug out and replaced with a new inspection hatch. That means a digger and men working for a day ££££ ! We also need to replace the pump that takes the cleaned water out of the tank. The old pump has given up but it has been working for 15 years so we haven't done too badly there. Hopefully they can do that in the next few days because once again it is raining heavily so the tank will be filling up again. Oh the joys of country living. 
Coming home this evening after a long and stressful staff meeting (how am I supposed to show evidence of the children's progress in the 20 min RE lessons which are about learning to reflect and think on various topics?) the clouds were very low and the visibility was limited. 

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