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Friday, 13 February 2015

Very Wet.

I woke up this morning to see rain pouring down from the slightly sagging gutter over the bedroom window. Not a great incentive to get up so first I hid under the duvet listening to the radio and then I made another cup of tea before watching a programme on TV. Such pleasures cost nothing so might as well be enjoyed. 
With the rain came a rise in the temperature (unlike the storms that are once again bringing snow to the US). The frogs in the pond were croaking away and no doubt the pond will be full of frogspawn by this evening. I can see at least 18 frogs in the above photo.
Glancing out of the backroom window I could see a squirrel searching for nuts on the bank of the stream while at the water's edge a little face peered out.  
I had hoped it was the rare water vole but it turned out to be a plain old rat. 
Then along came Neville and the wildlife disappeared.
Being unable to go outside I concentrated on cleaning the kitchen. There were a few small mouse droppings around the sink (were the babies looking for their dad?) and worse still a hole chewed right through one of the silicone cup cake cases that were drying on the sink drainer. The second mouse trap arrived yesterday but at the moment both traps are up in a spare bedroom. When I went in there yesterday first one and then a second grey shape ran across the floor and under the bed. They had been nibbling their way into one of those wheat filled soft toys that you put in the microwave to use as a hot water bottle. Now the only food in that room is inside the 2 traps so hopefully I'll be relocating the wood mice soon.
I also occupied myself by making these Valentine chocolates for Peter using some heart shaped cup cake cases. I used some good continental chocolate and the underneaths are really shiny. My attempt to dip some in white chocolate didn't go so well as the dark chocolate started to melt when I did it. Never mind it's the thought that counts. 


Harriet said...

Lovely candies I am in the process of making sugar cookies for my loves. Good for Neville....I was unable to count the frogs....glasses change perhaps.

Happyone said...

I love the look of those round stones.
The heart candies look delicious. I'm sure Peter will love them. Will he share. : )