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Monday, 9 February 2015


With not a hint of wind and barely a cloud in the sky it has been almost balmy today. At least in the sun, the shade was quite a bit chillier. I had a message from my youngest asking me to buy and post some hand-made chocolates from Youings so I planned a town morning. I loaded up the back of the car with more stuff which I delivered to a couple of the charity shops, bought and sent the chocolates and visited the library. I still had a bit of time before I needed to be at school so I called in at the Co-Op and spent £10 on things I usually buy so that I could take advantage of the £2 off  coupon I had. 
At school it was so lovely and warm in our south facing playground that almost none of the children were wearing coats as they played. My afternoon was spent working with the reception children talking about hand washing, germs and general hygiene. When I asked one group of children when they washed their hands they eventually came up with "When the teacher tells us." Happily most of the other groups had a few more ideas about germs and the need for washing.
I left school quite promptly and took these photos on my way down the hill at 4.10. Just seeing so much sun gave me extra energy so I split and brought in 2 barrow loads of logs.

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Happyone said...

Oh those pictures are breathtaking!!!
We had warm weather too but it's been raining and foggy. I'd rather have the snow. At least it is pretty.