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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Yesterday evening we were hit by a sudden thunderstorm directly overhead. Four times the thunder crashed and four times the power went out. I had a mad scramble in the dark to go and disconnect the phone line to prevent the hub and PCs being damaged (yes we do have surge protectors). Each time the power would come on and just as I was resetting the Sky box off it would go again. I guess it had to do with this storm. If I had known about the huge waves I would have gone down to the beach this morning but unfortunately I've only just found out.
It was sunny but windy this morning. I had already planned to do some painting in the kitchen so I got on with that. I'm just freshening up the ceiling. I have painted it before and I have no idea why I didn't paint one bit which was replastered when we had the wall taken down 20 years ago. Because it's a textured ceiling I've had to use a brush rather than a roller which takes longer. As I was painting this morning I noticed that the whole ceiling could do with painting so that's the next thing on the list.
More singing with instruments !!! this time, with the reception children this afternoon. I only had 8 children playing various shakers, bangers and rattlers so it wasn't too bad. I took a photo of these narcissi in school. Things always flower a few weeks earlier in town than up here in the wild hills. This evening it has turned chilly again so I'm off to light the wood fire which I got ready earlier.

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Happyone said...

So nice to see those pretty daffodils. Nice to know spring is right around the corner. : )