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Saturday, 21 February 2015


Apart from a couple of hail showers it has been mainly sunny. So off we went, well wrapped up against the icy wind for a walk on Barricane beach. Incidentally Woolacombe beach has just been announced as the best beach in the UK, in the top 5 in Europe and number 13 in the world. Not bad for a beach that is only 20 mins down the road.
The tide was out so there more opportunities for rock pooling. 
I could spend a morning gazing into these pools, if it wasn't so cold in the wind. 
 We mainly saw the common Beadlet anemones and a few Snakelocks anemones.

When we got home I put in a couple of hours working outside, first splitting logs and bringing them in and then making a start on building another wall at the side of the back lawn. Only a short one this time  but then I can sort out the bit of ground above. The fire is blazing and I'm looking forward to trying some of the bread pudding I made. I adapted the recipe slightly due to lack of ingredients but I wanted to use up the pieces of brown, white and toasted bread left from Romas' visit. It certainly smells nice.


Happyone said...

Nice that the beach is so close to you to enjoy. I looked at all the beaches. All look so inviting.

I love the last picture of all the big houses. What a beautiful place that would be to live.

I'd like some of your bread pudding. : ) Hope you enjoyed it.

Harriet said...

Ruta........Your photos get better and better. I appreciate you naming the sea creatures.