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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Mainly Overcast.

It wasn't the most sensible decision to go for a walk on the beach this lunchtime as not only is it Sunday but it's the start of the half-term holiday.  Even as we drove down to Woolacombe we could see how crowded the car parks were. There was no chance of finding a space along the road (still free to park) so we simply carried on up to Mortehoe. We didn't even stop there for a walk as I was wearing wellies which would have been too slippery on the wet grass of the cliff tops. We just completed the circuit and drove home. Peter has taken a couple of holiday days to get over his current bout of arthritis so we'll go down on Tuesday when it should be less crowded.
I've spent the rest of the day working outside on the bank. And the grass cutting has begun - it's too wet for the mower or the strimmer but I used the long handled shears to cut the grass on all the steps and paths on the bank. Now that the long straggly grass has been cut to a tidy length it will be possible to use the mower and/or the strimmer on those bits to keep them tidy. Then I scrambled around on the bank digging out the brambles and getting rid of the last weeds. 
I've bought myself another dress on eBay. It's another Per Una dress but more edgy than the first one so I may well wear it for the evening party of Rachel's wedding. (The photo I copied off eBay is too blurry to use.)
Mouse Update- I opened a drawer in the spare room to see a wood mouse sitting there. The mouse froze and I thought about grabbing it by the tail but was worried that it might turn and sink its teeth into me. You never know what germs it might be carrying. That was yesterday and then in the early hours of this morning I heard a scrabbling on my bedroom desk. I had brought a slice of fruit loaf up for a Sunday morning treat and had put it in the metal biscuit tin I keep my various tablets in. The mouse was sitting on the tin working out how to get in! Once again I could have made a grab for it before it ran off but didn't. The cheeky thing.

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