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Monday, 16 February 2015

Happy Birthday Dr Vytas.

Vytas is 29 today. Where did those years go?
This past year he and Sally have been living near Reading where they both have work. He has continued to be an active member of the Sealed Knott which involves battles and possibly some comradely drinking.

Last autumn he went to a conference in Mexico (I get an afternoon at Pilton Community College if I'm lucky). Sally traveled with him and they  stayed longer for some sightseeing.  
Now we are looking forward to their wedding, sometime next winter.

Meanwhile back home the day started grey and brightened up towards the afternoon. I went into town to post the boots and a couple of other items I had sold on eBay. I did a bit of shopping at Tesco's and came straight home. I rang Royal Mail to sort out my parcel delivery and when I finally got through the lady was very apologetic and helpful and we arranged delivery for Thursday. A couple of hours later a postman knocked at the door with my parcel. ?? The latest boots (long tan ones) fit perfectly so now I can keep my eyes open for short black ones in my size for work.Then although I overdid things a little yesterday I couldn't resist doing some outdoor work. I broke up more kindling, trimmed the beech hedge and then cleared the brambles encroaching on to the path to the woodland.
The pond is now full of frogspawn.

Mouse Update - Squeaky dispatched 2 more wood mice last night. I would rather have caught them alive but if they won't go in the trap ........

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