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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day.

I woke up this morning to find this beautiful orchid, card and chocolates (white Lindor) from Peter and felt very appreciated. We don't do anything else special but it was a nice way to start the day. From the bedroom window we were able to watch 3 deer in the woodland quite close to the garden. I wonder if there will be a fawn or 2 later on?
The day itself has been one of occasional sunshine and lots of clammy greyness. The one thing that has marred my day has been the non-arrival of my second pair of Ugg boots. Last Wednesday I came home to find a Royal Mail card saying the parcel service had failed to deliver because the parcel had to be signed for. Fair enough and straight away I went through the tortuous process of booking a re-delivery. Tortuous because it was all automatic but finally I got to the end, was given a new delivery number, confirmed that it would arrive some time on the 14th and then told I could hang up. Naturally the Royal Mail web site had no way of tracking the new number and by the time I had got fed up of waiting and rang the help line they were closed. 2.00 closing on Saturday! So I got up early this morning, then didn't go out all for nothing. On the good side the too small pair of Ugg boots have been sold, and paid for, on eBay and I even made a small profit. And I worked off my crossness over the parcel by going out and splitting 2 barrow loads of wood. It has been a lot warmer today but the wood fire that I've just started should warm the place up enough without us having to put the central heating on.
There were 5 minutes of prettiness in the sky this evening.

Mouse PS - Last night I went down to the kitchen to find that Squeaky had tidily dispatched another wood mouse. She was very proud of herself and wasn't too impressed when I threw the mouse out of the window.

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Happyone said...

A nice way to start your day. : )
The flower is beautiful.