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Sunday, 22 February 2015


It has poured with rain all day long. It's a good thing I brought in plenty of wood yesterday. This morning the stream was already running quite high and muddy.
Some hours later it had risen and was level with the sunken path in the back lawn. Fortunately the rain has eased off a bit and the stream hasn't got any higher. I've spent the day working on my school planning for next half-term; music for the Reception classes and RE for the Year One classes. At the same time I've been looking out of the windows checking on the water level in the stream. No water has been  coming down the drive as I rebuilt the dam after the tanker drove over it the other day knocking someof the wood out of place. 
The level in the stream has been so high that water has been unable to drain from the front patio and might even have been flowing back from the stream on to the patio. 

1 comment:

Happyone said...

That stream does look quite high.
We've had a bit of a warm up today and everything is a bit messy with the melting snow and ice.