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Monday, 2 August 2021


More cloud today then sunnier as the afternoon went on. By evening the sky was almost cloudless and although there were some clouds across the setting sun I'm sure the colour changed from red to green as the sun slipped out of view. Was this the green flash?
In the morning I took a chance and put some sheets in to wash. I thought spending the day working out in the garden I'd be able to grab the washing off the line if the rain did appear. At one point I'm sure I felt a few rain drops but I stuck it out and the weather improved. I began by carrying on with root removal in the back garden. I pulled out several feet of thick root attached to a big bramble but the end broke off. As the root disappeared below what seemed to be a concrete floor or maybe just a paving slab I had no chance of getting the last bit out. Instead I poured strong weedkiller on and around the root hoping to kill it off.
From there I moved to the front garden. In the hope that one day the builder will come to build the raised beds, to be fair he's waiting until the rendering is done on the front, I thought I should carry on removing the soil and compost from the existing raised bed. At the same time I saved any bulbs, replanted some vinca and most importantly got rid of the weeds and their roots. There are a couple of really large roots from an elder tree and the evil wild rose that I shall ask the builders to pull out appealing to their superior strength. I was able to do this gardening sitting down which made it a lot easier on my back.
Eventually I had to call a halt to my gardening and after a short break ironed the sheets that had been out on the line. There was time for a short spell outside on the terrace though it was cool enough to require a body warmer for me and fleece plus bodywarmer for Peter.


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happyone said...

I've never seen a green flash but it sounds as if you did. :)