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Tuesday, 3 August 2021


Bright and sunny today but with quite a chilly wind at times.
I got my first lot of washing out on the line before breakfast and the second lot soon after. Peter decided to run into town calling at the dump first. I quickly filled a second bag with Welsh poppies and a few other weeds from the garden. We were just loading them into the car when I remembered the date thing and of course today is an 'odd' day so Peter would have been turned away from the dump. Tomorrow isn't convenient as I'm at the zoo and Peter is rowing at mid-day so he'll probably go on Friday.
I carried on with removing the soil, weeds and bulbs from the raised bed under the terrace. I had to wear my glasses to see all the fragments of mind-your-own-business. I can identify some types of roots but being unsure which if any of the other roots in the soil are the sort that magically revive when the soil gets wet I try and clear out all the roots I see. I've now filled one dumpy bag with soil and need to empty the last of the gravel out of the other bag before I can carry on shifting more of the soil.
We needed some milk so I combined going to the shop with a walk along the beach. There were a lot of people on the beach but I don't think sitting amongst the piles of mashed up seaweed would make for a relaxing day on the beach. I guess I've been spoilt by living near so many lovely beaches in my life. Hopefully the seaweed will wash away soon.
I walked past all the people out to the second little cove where I sat for a while on a rock. These big rocks have been smoothed by the sea and I found one with the right curves to make a comfortable seat. Not only was the shape good but the rock was wonderfully warm.
Back home we sat out on the terrace for a while but it was a bit chilly.

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happyone said...

It sounds delightful to be able to walk along the shoreline.