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Tuesday 28 November 2023


The day began with a gloriously sunny morning followed by a cloudy afternoon and rain in the evening.
I started my day sitting outside with my tea watching the garden birds foraging in the cut grass of the meadow. First a blackbird followed by a bold robin and then a tiny wren and last of all a dunnock.
It's been a while since the weather was so good on a zoo day so out came the bike and I cycled there. With the weeds under control in the main areas I work on, the play areas and the gravel, I was able to turn my attention to some of the smaller spaces such as the flower bed by the wolf-dogs which had a few weeds popping up. But first I planted a selection of varieties of mint brought from home, in a damp shady bed by the guinea fowl. Perfect conditions for mint and hopefully the scent of the mint will help counteract any smells from the guinea fowl pen. By the time I had finished and was ready for my walk around the bright sun had changed to a flat grey light which doesn't make for good photos so I didn't take any.
As soon as I got home Peter borrowed my yellow coat again to go off coxing. He has two perfectly good  black coats but a bright coat is recommended for coxes in the unlikely event that they need to be rescued from the sea. He is safety officer after all. While he was out beasting his crew who were all experienced rowers I did some housework followed by crocheting before heading off to Pilates. There were 35 of us tonight which made it quite crowded even though it's a big sports hall. There will be a few weeks break over Christmas and the January class is already fully booked. All those New Year's resolutions. Our teacher knows that I come every week and I let her know last week that I'll be there in the New Year. There's a perfectly good on-line system for booking and paying but I find it easier to pay with cash (how old school) and only send an email when I can't make the lesson. She's fine with that.


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