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Monday 27 November 2023


Not too cold today with frequent heavy showers.
My plan for today was to spend the morning doing DIY and then have a relaxing afternoon crocheting. What actually happened was DIY followed by lots of cleaning and sorting. 
My first job was to cut some wood to cover over the hole in the side of the bathroom cupboard that gives access to the boiler pipe controls. My habit of keeping useful bits of wood paid off there as I still have some of the white covered kitchen wood which matched the inside of the cupboard. I did one cut with the chop saw but on the second the blade (which needs changing for finer teeth) began ripping off the plastic coating so I changed to using a saw. Now the inside of the cupboard looks tidy and I was able to put most of our towels inside. I'm hoping they won't get damp as I haven't got an airing cupboard. Does anyone now seeing as hot water tanks are a thing of the past? 
Then I went off to make a start on the old shower in our bedroom. The builder put up two rails after taking out the shower and made a shelf high up but there were nails to take out and a lot of cleaning to do before I could think about putting clothes or even storage tubs in there. I cut a piece of lino, a bathroom offcut, to line the shelf at the top which was just rough wood and for now two of the spare blue and white tiles are in the bottom of the wardrobe covering the bare floorboards. Then followed an afternoon of wiping down and much cleaning including of all the storage tubs. After which some clothes were hung up (why on earth does Peter have one or even two hoodies from any organisation he has been a member of?)  and other tubs rearranged until there were a satisfying number of empty tubs. Mind you there's still a heap of Peter's clothes on his side of the room. I sorted it all once and now it's his responsibility. I still need to go through my tubs and see if any of my stash can be given away.


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